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CasForMi currently supports e-conomic, Billy, Dinero, Uniconta, Navision (2013 - 2018) & Business Central.

CasForMi currently only supports Casio cash registers. However, it is possible that CasForMi will support other brands in the future.

If you are interested in us supporting the cash register system you use, you can contact us via Contact us page.

The daily sales figures can be seen in three places.

  • On the Z report printed by Casio.
  • In the CasForMi app before and after transfer.
  • In the cash journal in the financial system.

No. CasForMi only creates the journal lines.

No it is currently not possible due to a restriction in Casio's app.

Cash registers running Android OS can be integrated with CasForMi. They are V-R7100 & V-R200 respectively.



If you change ERP system, please contact us via Contact us page.

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